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Who is Angelle Scharbaai?

Angelle Scharbaai is the CEO and founder of I-MES which was officially founded on March 1st 2021. Before this she pursued various carreer paths in economics and law succesfully. She is also a mother of two who enjoys writing, blogging, baking and gardening. 

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I-MES stands for Inspired, Motivated, and Empowered & Strong.

We design unique coaching programs for both individuals and companies aimed at inspiring people, motivating them to take action, making them feel empowered and finally allow them to find their own strength and be strong. In this fast-changing world lots of uncertainty and stress accumulate over time. People tend to keep on going without taking a moment to destress which is keeping people from giving their best performance. But it does not have to be that way at all. The founder of I-MES, Ms. Angelle Scharbaai thinks that people need to feel safe in their environment at all times, no exception. Balance and peace of mind can work magic. Companies should not only invest in technology working materials but in their employees. 

About I-MES

Vision of I-MES

We envision a world where everyone is taking good care of themselves mentally and physically so that they are the best version of themselves. A world where everyone understands themselves and know how to deal with the ups and downs of life in a productive way. Most importantly a world where there is peace because we all love ourselves and through that love each other unconditionally. 

Mission of I-MES

The mission of I-MES is to invest in the wellbeing of people. Besides personal-, mental- and emotional care is equally important. With a lot of personal experience, commitment, love and care I-MES will give guidance and support in the finding of one self. It’s a life’s mission to help others to find their best version of themselves. This can be personally and for companies. The more centered and at peace one can be the best performance one can give.

We believe in people and we believe in opportunities and second chances in life. Lack of knowledge and self-reflection must be eliminated so that the world of man can be a better place.

We all make part of a team. It can be at work, at home but also in our social life and social activities. A winning team requires loyalty, trust, support & commitment of all members. To be able to provide all mention a person needs to be at his best. Life happens and sometimes leave us with lots of pain,  unbalanced and  with loss of focus. But we at I-MES can assure that the right attention and support can help people go through whatever they may encounter so they can find their way back to a better life. With patience, love and support one can create the most valuable relationships in the future. Attention and support is the best way to prevent illness and discomfort. We of I-MES really believe it works because of being there and done that.

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