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Who is Angelle Scharbaai?

On this page I will tell you a bit about myself - My personal life and my carreer leading up to I-MES. If there is anything else you would like to know which you can't find below, do not hesitate to contact me here.

Personal Life

I am 40 years old and I am the mother of two precious kids, Elise and Dinand. I live on the island Curacao where I was born and raised by both my parents in a household which consisted of 6 other siblings. Out of the 7 siblings I am the 7th child. I was very young in comparison to an otherwise grown up household which is why I was bound to become an old soul. As a child I was always making conversations with adults which boosted my development in both language skills and vocabulary giving me a great advantage to my age peers. Some may say that I am also a miracle baby seeing as my mom was 46 when I was born. I have learned a lot from my mom. She always feared that she would pass away and leave me all alone at a young age which is why she made sure she taught me as much as she could in the time we had together. One of the primary things she taught me is baking. Today baking has become one of my passions and people love my work. Even though being in a grown household has its perks, it had its most obvious downside. As of today both my parents, my grandparents and other siblings, whom I loved so much, have passed away. They will always be in my heart and I use their teachings as my guidance.


I became a mother myself at the age of 20 and my second child was born 3 years later. My kids have always been my strength, my motive to keep going and continue to be everyday. I know I am their role model so it was important for me to be a good mother and achieve greatness. I am so grateful for the bond I have with my daughter Elise who is 19 and my son Didi who is 17. We are a happy family of three at the moment. I know I am going to meet the love of my life at some point and I am waiting patiently for him to arrive. In the meantime I will be focusing on my children, my work and my hobbies. I enjoy reading books, as well as writing articles of my own (you can read my blog on this site), baking and gardening. I love being in nature, the beach and taking long walks.


 My journey up the career ladder started back in 2006 when I first started working for the tax office in Curacao. There I worked as a branch-manager focused upon real estate activities. At the time this meant that I was responsible for ensuring tax returns on properties in Curacao as well as Bonaire and St.Maarten. This is also where I did my internship before graduating with a bachelor's degree in Management, Economics and Law. After working there for some time I decided to pursue something totally different, eventhough it seemed an unstable decision at the time, I took a leap of faith and decided to start teaching Economics and Law at a local school. Here my talent for coaching and helping others was really appreciated by my students. I was assigned the most "difficult" students (know as the trouble makers) and it seemed as if I was doing miracles with them. Students who didn't believe in the school system, or those who were just not motivated or those in dire situations at home flourished under my guidance and achieved results that not even they themselves never believe they could achieve. I truly enjoyed my time teaching and some students (or now graduates) remain friends even today. However wonderful and successful my time at the school was, it was brief because it wasn't long before more people both within and outside the school heard about my coaching abilities and work ethic. This then allowed me to come across an opportunity I couldn't refuse -

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A chance to work as a manager support and execution and a supplement prosecutor at the public prosecutor's office of Curacao. There I continued to defy what was known as possible at the time and solved issues that the public prosecutor's office was facing for decades. Besides being successful in tackling societal issues I also gained a team that was just as committed as I was. I started with a small group that later grew to become a large one consisting of 26 employees across 5 departments and 2 locations. Through the 10 years I worked for the bureau I coached many employees myself, help them build self-esteem, self-trust, a sense of belonging and the best version of themselves. We tackled one problem after the next and I received full support and commitment from my team regardless of how large or crazy my plans were. I told them just as I have told myself all these years, it can be impossible for others, but not for me. After a decade of working there, having accomplished so much for the bureau, I decided that it was time to move on. I had reached the peak of my career there and I wanted to pursue something new yet familiar. Coaching and business support. Leading and coaching is my passion and I know now that my purpose in this life is to help other become successful in what they do. To inspire, motivate and empower others because it gives me great satisfaction to experience growth and positive change in others.  Which is why I founded I-MES on March 1st 2021. Here I design programs for organisations that help create a dedicated team as well as a management team that inspires their employees. Apart from that I also do one-on-one coaching for those who need my help finding their way to themselves and their potential. Even though it is my newest endeavor it is something I have done for decades. I just didn't realize it at the time. So today I am CEO and founder of I-MES and I plan to accomplish a lot more today than I ever have before.

Curious about what I-MES has to offer?

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