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Here we present our programs in debt. Important to note is that our services are not limited to what you will find here. Seeing as every person, situation and business is different we design a coaching program unique to your situation. To make things more clear we make a distinction between personal coaching and business support and between individual and group sessions.

Business Support

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Team Meeting

Personal Coaching

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I-MES believes in winning teams. To create a great team, time and commitment is required. Employees need to become a valuable member to accomplish that. It’s very important to know the abilities, the strength of each team member. But the team members should know that from each other too. The best teams are those where people can really trust and count on each other. Together they need to find the collective meaning and goals of the team. This is a really valuable discovery to do together. When accomplished your company for sure will experience the growth and the results.

 The Coffee Break 

One-on-one session of  1.5 hour. The employee gets the opportunity to talk about anything that may be effecting her work ethic and/or motivation to work. We offer a new perspective on their situation along with inspiration that will give the employee exactly the boost he or she has been looking for.

The Business Brunch

Six sessions one-on-one sessions where the employee participates in a short program aimed at providing inspiration and tools to become the best version of themselves. During these sessions the employee is completely free to discuss any issues that they encounter in their lives as we help them work towards resolutions and an overall productive person both at work and at home.


This a team-building program which we design specifically for your organisation. We focus on the individuals that are part of the team first, having plenty of one-on-one time with every employee to understand the dynamics within your organisation. Afterwards we will start the team-building program which we design in thorough deliberation with your management team. After the teambuilding there will be debriefing period of 6 to 12 months. This is to ensure that the team remains committed to the newly established norm set during the team-building program. 

Finally after 6 months there is a re-evaluation with the whole team to assess the effectiveness of the methods and tools the team received during the team-building process as well as new tips and tools to continue forward if needed.


This is a very thorough way of implementing a team-building program but we assure you that this is also the most effective one. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to talk about the possibilities for your organization.

Just as a car needs maintenance every now and then. Every person needs to find ways to release stress, step back and regain their focus once in a while to ensure top performance.  Taking care of yourself is a necessity and  a priority. We cannot help and support others if we cannot do that for ourselves. That is why we offer personal coaching session designed to keep your emotional health in tip-top shape. We want you to feel good, inspired, motivated, empowered and strong. 

Below you will find two personal coaching programs. The main difference is duration of the program. One being one session only and the other consisting of 6 sessions

Note: Your first conversation is always free of charge!


Are you feeling out of sorts lately? In need of talking to someone who can help you understand everything that is happening around you? Or maybe just someone to help you find the inspiration and motivation to continue in your day-to-day life? We can help you. One session with I-MES is an essential part of any self-care routine because we help you find the best version of yourself. We provide tools, tips and tricks that you can use for the rest of your life.

 The Service 

This is a short program consisting of 6 sessions where you get one-on-one coaching aimed at getting you inspired and motivated to pursue any goal you want to accomplish. Whether it's more self-confidence, a new job or a new understanding of life, we are here to help you gain back control of your life and take action. The longer the program the more in-depth the session are and more tools you can get that help you on the long-term.

Personal Coaching
Business Support
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Business brunch
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The Service
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