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Successful Work Team

Business Support

Programs designed specifically for your team!

I-MES believes in winning teams. To create a great team, time and commitment is required. Employees need to become a valuable member to accomplish that. It’s very important to know the abilities, the strength of each team member. But the team members should know that from each other too. The best teams are those where people can really trust and count on each other. They need to find together the collective meaning and goals of the team. This is a really valuable discovery to do together. When they accomplish that your company for sure will see experience the growth and the results.

Successful Work Team

 The Coffee Break 

 The Business Brunch 


Business Meeting at a Cafe

One-on-one session of  1.5 hour. The employee gets the opportunity to talk about anything that may be effecting her work ethic and/or motivation to work. We offer a new perspective on their situation along with inspiration that will give the employee exactly the boost he or she has been looking for.

Taking Notes

Six sessions one-on-one sessions where the employee participates in a short program aimed at providing inspiration and tools to become the best version of themselves. During these sessions the employee is completely free to discuss any issues that they encounter in their lives as we help them work towards resolutions and an overall productive person both at work and at home.

Volunteers on Construction Site

This a team-building program which we design specifically for your organisation.

Even though each team-building program we implement is essentially unique here is an idea of what to expect. First there are individual/group meetings, questionnaires and interviews to gather data on the issue, Then you have the actual team-building session which includes presentations, workshops and/or seminars. Afterwards there is a debriefing session to reflect on the whole process and address any unresolved feelings or issues. Finally after 6 months there is a re-evaluation


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