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Angelle Scharbaai

Life Coach, Business Supporter

Angelle unofficially started I-MES in 2019. Something that started as a few inspirational events, became something more- a passion. After countless successes in the office, it became apparent that she had a gift for inspiring others. In addition to that she had a skill for solving complex employee problems, inspire dedication and commitment from employees towards company objectives and empowering others to make changes in themselves. I-MES is a creation born of passion, raw talent and unmatched skills and was officially established on March 1st 2021. Want to know more about this exceptional person or our company?

What is I-MES all about?

This is your personal one-on-one session with our coach Angelle Scharbaai. Here you will work with her towards a new and better version of yourself. She helps you gain control over your life and gives you the boosts that you need to achieve any goal you have set for yourself. As she gets to know you personally she can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and habits that may be holding you back.  Do not let your comfort zone keep you trapped in self-sabotaging behavior any longer. Together you will find your way out and into a life full of energy, motivation and accomplishments. Curious about our personal sessions? 

This includes team-building programs, leadership trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions with employees. All our programs are designed and adapted to your company's limitations and resources to create an all-around effective and efficient program for your company.  Our coach Angelle Scharbaai will meet with you personally to assure you get the best value for your investment. We call it an investment because these programs will prove to continue to deliver results long after they are implemented. You will see more pro-active behavior as well as an increase in productivity, teamwork and determination from your employees and management team. Want to know more about our programs?

Why should I apply for Personal Coaching or Business Support?
Allow us to list a few benefits
Personal Coaching
It boosts your energy and motivation
It improves your relationship with yourself and others
It helps you cope with changes in your life
Business Support
It increases pro-active behavior in employees
It allow for a better relationship between a management team and its employees
It allows for easier conflict resolution in a team
It helps you understand your own strengths and weaknesses better
You rebuild your self-esteem, self-trust, self-efficacy and confidence
It increases employee satisfaction and motivation to work
It allows for more and better communication between employees and with the management team
It increases overall productivity, positive behavior towards company change and more goal accomplishment


Program designed specifically for your company 

Aimed at increasing the cohesion, team-work, drive and motivation of your team.

Business Support

Office Coffee Break

Coffee Break

One coaching session designed to give your employee a quick boost of motivation and inspiration to continue

Happy Diners

The Brunch

A 6-week program designed to get your employee on the right track in regards to personal and professional goals

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We have a total of 6 programs you can choose from. Here are the first four. 
Click here to see them all and descriptions
  • 1 Session

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Tip & tricks for any given situation

  • Quick boost of motivation and inspiration to continue


 The Service 
  • 6 Session

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Guidance and counsel for a pre-set time frame

  • Aim: Build self-esteem, self-trust, confidence, drive and determination


  • Program designed specifically for your company

  • Aimed at increasing the cohesion, team-work, drive and motivation of your team

  • Increases overall productivity and efficiency of your team

 Leadership Training 
Leadership Training 
  • Program designed specifically for your company

  • Provides tools that the management team can use to better connect with the team

  • Increases overall productivity and efficiency of your team

Join the I-MES Community

At I-MES we find it important that all our customers can interact and connect with each other through our online platform. This platform consists primarily of the blog on this website and further includes our Facebook page and Instagram feed. Here we share the beautiful moments life offers us. This platform is open for anyone that wants to spread love, support and positivity. Sometimes we need that from others to find the strength within ourselves to make a change in our lives. Feel free to join any area of our platform any time. Our coach Angelle Scharbaai actively reads and responds to your messages, so feel free to send them.

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